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Birgus latro also known as the coconut crab is the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world. They can grow up to a leg span of 3 ft. It sometimes takes 120 years to reach it’s full size. It’s also known as the robber crab due to its propensity for stealing silverware and pots and pans.

They are endemic to islands in the Pacific & Indian ocean. The coconut crab eats anything it can get its claws on. It’ll go after fruit, vegetation, and carrion: dead birds and other coconut crabs. It really loves coconuts & will use it’s massive pinchers to crack one open. 

While you might perceive them as a threat because of it’s size, humans are a larger threat to this species. Human encroachment has thrown their food chains into chaos and they are disappearing rapidly. (Source) (Japanese Spider Crab)

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